What is HACCP? (HACCP for Dummies)


October 16, 2013 by charismanagementsystems

The acronym– Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point

What really does it mean? In its simplest form HACCP is a methodology for carrying out a food safety risk assessment?

Where does it apply? HACCP primarily is applied to food processing and manufacturing systems. However with updates to food safety legislation and improvements in standardization in the EU, US and other parts of the world, its application is strongly in use in catering, food packaging and animal feed production among others.

Because of the universality of its principles and it’s structured way of assessing food safety risk; it is in theory applicable to any organisation whose activity may have an impact on consumer safety hence it is becoming more frequent to see food distribution, water supply, equipment manufacturing, cleaning services providers, farming and primary production sectors being requested to utilise the HACCP methodology to assess, monitor and control their food safety risks. Other clean room operations and pharmaco-allied industries my accept HACCP risk assessment as part of their consumer safety arrangements

What is involved?   You simply follow 7 principles,  that have been established by the WHO/FAO codex Alimentarius commission

Principle 1 – Conduct a Hazard Analysis

Principle 2 – Identify the Critical Control Points

Principle 3 – Establish Critical Limits

Principle 4- Monitor CCP

Principle 5 – Establish Corrective Action

Principle 6 – Verification

Principle 7 – Recordkeeping

Is this truly how simply it is? – Yes and No. Yes, because that is pretty much what most HACCP plans set out to do. No, because the process may not be as easy as the listed steps depending on nature of product/service; complexity of process; end users, the expertise of implementation personnel and a very wide range of factors

How can I implement HACCP in our operation? Like all risk assessment methodologies, the application of HACCP requires some level of skill. These skills can potentially be in house if suitably qualified resources are available or can be trained up otherwise the use of external support could help facilitate an effective HACCP implementation programme for you

Where Can we get Help to Implement HACCP? Typically a search for HACCP/Food Safety consultant on LinkedIn should be a sure bet to find a range of skilled personnel to choose from.

I have some further questions: Drop us an email on charismanagementsystems@hotmail.com and we will get back to you.


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